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    3. The mobilization meeting of safety production month of Shengxing Co., Ltd. was held smoothly

      點擊次數:5233 發布時間:2020-02-22 11:47:00

      In order to conscientiously implement the work spirit of relevant national departments, groups and the company's work safety, and vigorously promote the work safety of the company, the company's "work safety month" kick-off meeting was successfully held on the seventh floor of the company's office on May 25. Thus, the safety production month activity with the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and preventing accidents" is kicked off.

      The "safe production month" is from June 1 to June 30, during which the company will promote the progress of various safe production work, improve the safety quality of all staff, and gather the concept of people-oriented and safe development in the whole company by carrying out rich "safe production month" activities in combination with the characteristics of the construction industry.

      In order to effectively prevent production safety accidents and create a good safety production environment, general manager Jing Qingtao made a mobilization speech for the activity at the launching ceremony. He pointed out that the annual "safety production month" activity has always been an important carrier of safety production publicity and education. Through various safety activities, the annual "safety production month" activity promotes the continuous stability of the safety production situation. It is emphasized that the system should be improved, formalism should not be practised, and practical operation should be paid attention to. The department head should know the activity to a higher level, report the problems in time, and punish the punishment. The participation of the project department in the past years is not enough. This year, we should attach great importance to it. All construction should be carried out according to the plan. The engineering department should carry out joint inspection and score. The results should be included in the performance and year-end evaluation. The awards should be advanced and the penalties should be backward. This year, we should control the trend of the rise of safety accidents. We hope to have good results. We should always pay attention to the safety not only this month, but also every month 。 Shi Lixin, manager of the company's quality and safety department, read out the company's safety month activity plan.

      After the mobilization meeting, the participants enthusiastically went to the podium to sign the annual commitment to work safety objectives and responsibilities, and showed their confidence and determination to participate, improve safety awareness and abide by rules and disciplines.

      The company will firmly grasp the theme of safety education, safety training and safety culture construction, carry out the safety month activity in a down-to-earth manner, promote safety culture, improve the safety awareness of employees, and enhance the safety concept of employees. Let every employee of the company understand, speak and keep safety.