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    3. Curtain wall safety appraisal center of Xi'an University of construction technology and Zhongshan Shengxing Co., Ltd

      點擊次數:5405 發布時間:2020-02-22 11:47:00

             Curtain wall safety appraisal center, jointly established by Xi'an University of building science and technology and Zhongshan Shengxing Co., Ltd., is specialized in testing and appraising the safety and reliability of existing building curtain wall, and can provide all-round services of scheme design, construction installation and technical guidance for the maintenance and transformation of existing building curtain wall. It is a strong combination of University and enterprise technology in the field of building engineering, and a curtain wall bank in China It is the first curtain wall safety appraisal organization that cooperates with "universities + enterprises".

             Our center also has CNAs, CMA, inspection and testing qualification, qualification of "construction project quality testing organization" and qualification of "special class a of architectural curtain wall engineering design", which meets the requirements of safety appraisal of existing curtain wall issued by the Ministry of construction (JZ [2006] No. 291). It is the first one in the construction and curtain wall industry to have the above qualifications at the same time Qualified curtain wall safety appraisal organization.