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    3. ★ Building curtain wall engineering design specified Class A qualification

      Building curtain wall engineering specifiedcontract Class I qualification

      Aluminum Alloy doors & windows specialized contract Class I qualification

      Steelworks engineering specialized contract Class II qualification

      Building Curtain Wall Design, manufacture, installation appointed Enterprise  

      ★ State torch plan key High-Tech Enterprise

      National construction technology independent innovation advanced Enterprise

      Approved by ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001 system


      Corporate History
        Shengxing was found in 1984, and then involved in thebuilding curtain wall industry in 1987. It compiled thefirst curtain wall industry code“Glass Curtain WallEngineering Technical Specification” and its related standard drawings in 1992; in 1993, the curtain wall project for the Communication Commercial Building in Zhongshan was listed as the verfed project under the

      “Glazed Curtain Wall Engineering Technical Specification”; in 1997 and 2001, it obtained the first batch of“Building Curtain Wall Construction Class | Qulification”certificates and‘ "Building Curtain Wall Construction Design Specialized Class A Qulification”certificates respectively; in 2008, it wasawarded as the honor of‘'30 years of reform and opening-up Meritorious Enterprise in Curtain Wall Industry",in 2012, it was rated as“National advanced standardization member”; in 2014, it was as the‘sustainable development excellent enterprise pride”by State Industrial Association.

        Shengxing' s garden-like factory covers an area of 180,000 square meters, its IS09001/ISO14001/0HSAS18001 integrated management system is in full operation, and its managerial authority covers international contract project and products & technique export. Shengxing is professional engaged in building curtain wall design, develop, manufacture, installation as well as maintenance. Shengxing has well technology advantage. Its leading products are frame-fixed (stick & unitized style), ft -fixed point-fixed glass, metal plate, stone, artificial plates curtain wall as well as the energy saving and environment protecting products (i.e.&high class doors & windows),all the products mentioned are widely used in the decoration of airport, office building ,convention center, commercial center, recreation & sports center, etc. There are more than 500 projects home and abroad, and the average curtain wall area for one project is over 300,000 square meters. Refer to the overseas market, it has expanded into America, Japan, Qatar, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Since 2000, Shengxing’ s contracted projects are awarded as“Luban Prize”,“Zhan Tianyou Prize”, “National constructional engineering decorative prize" ,etc; total quantity is more than 100 items.

      Technology Innovation
        In 2002, Shengxing is identified as the “Guangdong Province new high-tech Enterprise”; in 2006, it was awarded as the “National constructional technique independent innovation advanced Enterprise” ; in 2012, its . Provincial level R&D Center was founded and approved as the“National Torch Plan Key New High-Tech Enterprise”. Since 1995, Shengxing set up its own technology and intellectual property advantages, the quantity of its independent R&D products, software technology as well as patented products are more than 100 items.

      Industry contribution
        Since 1992, Shengxing have participated in preparing(revising) the National Codes or standards more than 40 items such as,,,, ,,, etc, which making great contribution in national curtain wall industry normalization & standardization, moreover, it has been awarded a honor as the “Industry Contribution Advanced unit”.


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